Administrative procedures:

Presentation of the necessary forms related to the owners’ association at the Treasury (Form 111, 190, 303, 309, 347, etc…). Drafting contracts with suppliers. Notification of insurance claims to the insurance company and /or repair companies, as well as the follow-up. Sending of circular letters. Compliance control of the agreements contained in the contracts signed with the service providers. Control and follow-up of the official inspections of the elevators.


Legal procedures:

In case your owners’ association is not legally constituted, the administration department shall take the necessary steps to do so, draw up the statutes, as well as the internal rules, obtain the fiscal number (CIF), legalise the minutes book and ensure compliance with all the tax obligations the community may be subject to.


Debt recovery:

This is the main problem the communities face. After examining each case and the circumstances relevant to each owner, measures will be adopted as quickly as possible.

After all the attempts of friendly settlements have been exhausted, the juridical claim of the debt by payment procedure will be presented, if so approved by the owners’ meeting

(article 21 if the Horizontal Property Act 8/1999), requesting for preventive seizure of property. For these proceedings that require the intervention of lawyers and court representatives, we rely on a professional team, specialized in these issues, providing us with a swift assistance.



Sending of the agenda for the meetings, complying within the legal time limits, attending them as secretary, drafting the minutes with the resolutions adopted, entering them in the minutes book and forwarding a copy to the owners, for them to be informed. The annual ordinary meeting and possible extraordinary meetings, shall be held on the date appointed by the chairman, according to article 16 of the Horizontal Property Act.


Issuance of receipts for community charges:

The collection of the charges will be carried out as was agreed upon in the meetings, by setting up a direct debit to be collected from your bank account in order to pay the services and suppliers for the appropriate maintenance of the common elements, or by paying directly at our office.


Budget planning, income, and expenditure:

As required, we will prepare the details of the expenditures which must be met at the time of the formal constitution of the owners association; such as the contracts with the electricity company, contract with the water service company, legalisation of the minutes book at the Property Register, maintenance contracts, building insurance etc.

Before each annual ordinary meeting, we will draw up the budget for the yearly income and expenses, that shall be forwarded with the agenda, for its consideration and approval by the owners at that meeting. Once the budget for the expenses of the financial year is approved, each owner is given a quota, based on his coefficient, or as agreed upon in the General Assembly.

We also will send the statement of accounts of the owners’ association on a quarterly basis.