We offer advice and management services in the field of employment aimed at professionals, both self-employed persons and companies, including the following activities:

Our labour advisory services include the following:

  • Registering of the company and obtaining employment documents
  • Visitor’s book
  • Work calendar
  • Employment contracts
  • Registration, de-registration and incidents
  • Accident reports
  • Registration in the special scheme for independent workers
  • Registration in the special scheme for domestic workers
  • Registration in the special scheme for agriculture
  • Settlement of Social insurances
  • Confection of payrolls
  • Withholding tax certificates
  • Diverse certificates
  • Labour planning
  • Research of labour contracting
  • Residence visa for non-citizens
  • Work permits foreigners
  • Visa exemption foreigners
  • Labour costs
  • Debt deferment Social Security
  • Disciplinary procedures of employment regulations
  • Occupational risk prevention
  • Labour audit
  • Labour inspectorates
  • Employment subsidies
  • Redundancies
  • Conciliations before the SMAC
  • Retirement benefits and pensions
  • Interventions before the Labour inspection

Representation and assistance before the Social Court


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